21st Century

IMG_0086 (768x1024)Daphne’s exhibition of this name, held at the Depot Artspace, Devonport, Auckland, in September 2016, once again drew on her Composition series.

At an age when most 80 year olds would be having a well-earned rest, Daphne (who turned 88 in 2016) continues to paint in oils at her easel for several hours most days. Her current series, entitled simply: Compositions, is the fruit of the last 4 years’ work. These vigorous and often joyous structured works distil themes she has returned to throughout her career, namely that of puzzles, memories and implied connections. A colourist at heart, Daphne uses the framework of these pieces to set herself rigorous puzzles in the art of balancing colour and form, using recurring symbols and colours from her extensive body of work. The resulting works range from the analytical to the exuberant, as Daphne allows the emerging colours to determine the direction of each piece.

Composition 50. 2016. 76x76cm                      Oil on canvas stretcher


Composition 23. 2014. 76x76cm.               Oil on canvas stretcher


Composition 14. 2013. 76x76cm            Oil on canvas stretcher


Composition 8. 2013. 46x46cm    Oil on canvas stretcher


Composition 11. 2013. 46x46cm   Oil on canvas stretcher
Composition 24. 2014. 46x46cm   Oil on canvas stretcher
2 Red Dots. 2015. 41x41cm.  Acrylic on board, framed


Composition 22. 2014. 76x76cm.                        Oil on canvas stretcher


Composition 36. 2015. 61x46cm.       Oil on canvas stretcher


Composition 39. 2015. 46x46cm        Oil on canvas stretcher


Composition 49. 2016. 46x46cm       Oil on canvas stretcher



Composition 40. 2015. 76x76cm                 Oil on canvas stretcher


Composition 26. 2014. 76x76cm                   Oil on canvas stretcher



Composition 33. 2015. 61x46cm        Oil on canvas stretcher.           Private collection



Composition 34.2015. 61x46cm         Oil on canvas stretcher.            Private collection



THE ONLINE BIO AND PORTFOLIO OF DAPHNE MASON (Contact Daphne's Executors: Jon Mason, jon@kokkoi.com or Janet Mathewson via mathewson_22@hotmail.com for a more extensive range of Daphne's work)

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