Daphne Mason’s CV

Works held in collections in Europe, USA, Asia and Australasia


  • 1967          Hayah’s Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • 1970          Moller’s Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • 1971          Mollers Gallery, Auckland, NZ (group show)
  • 1971          Osborne Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • 1975          New Vision Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • 1977          Spinning Pot, Whanganui, NZ
  • 1977          New Vision Gallery, Auckland, NZ (Summer Show)
  • 1981          New Vision Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • 1986          John Leech Gallery (City), Auckland, NZ
  • 1986          Whanganui Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui, NZ (retrospective, work from 1979 – 1986)
  • 1987          Gallery Pacific, Auckland, NZ
  • 1987-88     Gallery Pacific, Auckland, NZ (invited artists)
  • 1988          Gallery Pacific, Auckland, NZ (invited artists, Easter Show)
  • 1988          Alicat Gallery, Newmarket, Auckland, NZ
  • 1989          Frame Factory, London, UK (group show)
  • 1990-91     A.M.G Galleries, Richmond, London, UK
  • 1991          Soho Festival, London, UK (solo show at “Idol”)
  • 1991          Modern Museum of Art, Wales, UK (solo show)
  • 2004         Kings College Fine Art Sale, Auckland, NZ
  • 2005         Original Art Sale, Auckland, NZ
  • 2005         Orewa Public Library, Auckland, NZ (solo show)
  • 2006         Orewa Public Library, Auckland, NZ (solo show)
  • 2011          Original Art Sale, Manukau, Auckland, NZ
  • 2015          Saraban Tree, Auckland, NZ
  • 2016          Saraban Tree, Auckland, NZ
  • 2016          Depot Artspace, Devonport, Auckland, NZ
  • 2016          Kiwi Consciousness: Contemporary Artists from New Zealand curated by Rosa                                 Maria Falvo, Imago Mundi Luciano Benetton World Art Collection, Italy
  • 2017          Studio One Toi Tu, Auckland, NZ

Art Award Finalist in:

  • 1973         Tokoroa Art Award
  • 1973         Whanganui Sarjeant Gallery Award for Contemporary Art
  • 1980         Benson & Hedges Art Award for Contemporary Art
  • 1984         Whanganui Art Awards, Sarjeant Gallery (2 works in Finals)





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THE ONLINE BIO AND PORTFOLIO OF DAPHNE MASON (Contact Daphne's Executors: Jon Mason, jon@kokkoi.com or Janet Mathewson via mathewson_22@hotmail.com for a more extensive range of Daphne's work)

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