Figurative Works 1: Small works


Even as a child Daphne was highly attuned to relationships between people or within groups, often homing in on the smallest gestures or physical interactions that give away far more than words ever could.

Although Daphne concentrated on her structured compositions during the final years of her life, her observations of the human form and human interactions developed as a parallel track. These works range from skilled gestural works in pen/wash or mixed media, to far more detailed pencil works and painted portraits and groups. A small indicative selection can be seen below:

1995-dm029-youre-always-in-my-window-1995-sold-oil-on-board-wooden-frame-with-gilt-detail-and-glass-21-3cm-h-x-26-3cm-wYou’re always in my window. 1995. Oil on board. Private Collection.


Untitled. 1986. Mixed Media on paper. Framed. Private collection


Figures with Birds. 1995. Oil on card, framed. Private Collection.

DM041 The waiting game (London Life series). 1990. $4000. Oil on canvas, wooden frame. 53cm H x 63cm W

The Waiting Game. 1990.  Oil on canvas, wooden frame.

DM045 Untitled. 1995. $1450. Oil on card. Wooden frame and glass. 33.3cm H x 40cmW

Untitled. 1995.  Oil on card, wooden frame with glass.


Susannah & The Elders. 2006. Oil on card, wooden frame with glass

IMG_0149 (1024x768)

Untitled. 1995. Oil on card. Wooden frame with glass.

IMG_0015 (726x1024)

Spanish Interlude. 1983. Gouache on paper. Lacquered frame with glass.

1996 DM043 The Proposal. 1996. $750. Ink and wash on paper. Distressed silver & gold gilt frame & glass. 29.5cm H x 23cm W

The Proposal. 1996. Ink & Wash on paper. Distressed silver & gilt frame, with glass.

meditating, 1998. Mixed media on paper, stained wooden frame. 29.5cmW x 33.5cm H

Meditating. 1999. Mixed media. Wooden frame with glass. Private collection

IMG_0151 (1024x768)

Untitled. 2012. Gouached on paper. Black frame with glass.

IMG_0044 - Copy (482x800) Two Women. 1984. Pencil on paper. Gilt frame with glass


THE ONLINE BIO AND PORTFOLIO OF DAPHNE MASON (Contact Daphne's Executors: Jon Mason, or Janet Mathewson via for a more extensive range of Daphne's work)

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